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What’s Your Why?

Performa has a team of professionals that can take the guesswork out of achieving your goals.  Your fitness, nutrition, recovery and total wellness can be mapped out and a path designed that individually fits your personal needs and wants.  Only you, though, can determine your goal.  What do you want most?  Perhaps more importantly, why is that your goal?  There are no bad ways to set goals, only better and more personal ways to setting and achieving your goal.  Performa has the advice you need to set a better, more personal goal in 2020.

  1. A goal requires action. Most people want to be healthier, happier, and enjoy longer lives.  That’s a value, a hope, or a wish.  A goal requires personal action and the commitment to maintain a course of action needed to achieve the specific outcome.  As you start to think about your 2020 goals, make sure that you’re adding action words to your values.
  2. A goal should be specific to your wants and needs. Improving your health for anyone other than yourself is doomed to fail.  Everyone needs help, support and motivation, but ultimately it’s the motivation that comes from within that most directly correlates to whether we achieve our unique goals.  Performa professionals can give you the tools and paths you need to reach your goals, but you are the only one that determines over and over again whether you will stay consistent in your quest for ultimate achievement.
  3. Goals should be both challenging and achievable. Setting a goal to do something you already know how to do may not be enough to motivate you.  This may be why maintaining a healthy weight is often more challenging in the long-run than losing unwanted weight was in the beginning.  Your goal should both excite you and scare you.  Experts agree that the larger the goal, the more happiness we stand to gain from achievement.  If your current goals don’t excite you, you might be lacking challenge.  Rethink your goal and let yourself wonder what you might be able to achieve if you dedicated more time, more energy, or more effort to achieving the goal.
  4. You must know your why. No matter what your goal may be, psychologists believe that your response and correlated happiness to the achievement of your goal lies in why the goal has meaning to you.  If your goal to run a faster marathon doesn’t make you feel something deep inside yourself, why are you focusing your attention there?  The “right reason” to pursue your goal may contribute more to your mental wellness than the goal you choose because it seems like the right thing to do, whatever else wants, or simply something you wish would happen without concerted effort on your part.

What are your goals for 2020?  Do you need to make adjustments, restate your goals, or build more challenging goals for yourself this year?  Performa can help you navigate the path.  Start today by calling or dropping in to Performa to see what opportunities await!