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Three Ways to Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle When Your Workout Ends

You’ve just finished an exhilarating workout at Performa after a long day of work.  Before you arrive home, though, there are steps you can take to maintain the healthful benefits you just gained at Performa.  Don’t leave another workout before you read Performa’s advice to amp up your downtime for a healthier lifestyle and quicker progress.

  1. Sit less. Even after you’ve worked out, it’s important not to sit for the remainder of the evening.  Mayo Clinic indicates that among the dangers associated with too much sitting are high blood pressure, weight gain in the abdominal area, and a decrease in your metabolic rate.  Interspersing your evening relaxation with bouts of movement, a short walk, or an activity with friends or family can help you maintain the healthy benefits of your workout while you unwind from a long day.
  2. Be mindful about food choices. The old adage that you can’t outrun your fork is true.  It’s entirely possible to eat more calories in your evening meal than you burned in a challenging workout.  To avoid undoing all the good you did, practice mindfulness at mealtimes.  You can be mindful of not only what you eat, but also the portion size you consume and how quickly you eat.  Taking time to plan and prepare your meals in advance can help you stay away from fast food or takeout, too.  Many healthy dishes can be prepared days in advance and stored in appropriate portion-sized containers eliminating the time it takes to prepare a meal and the chances of overindulging after your workout.  When it comes to nutrition, it’s best to use your workout as motivation to continue to be healthy instead of an excuse to overeat.  Performa’s nutritionists can answer any questions you might have about the best post-workout meals for your goals.
  3. Rest, recovery, and prepare for tomorrow. The way you recover from a challenging workout can often be as important as the hard work you’ve put in to the workout.  Taking time to stretch, foam roll, and enjoy a healthy meal can maximize your results and help you reach your goals.  To get the most of your fitness experience, it’s critical to achieve seven to nine hours of quality sleep.  Like children, even adults benefit from a bedtime ritual that can prepare your mind and body for sleep.  Enjoy a warm bath, a relaxing book, or a short meditation to signal to your body that it’s time for rest.

Your Performa experience never ends when you leave at the end of a workout.  Performa’s team is in place to help you maximize your physical and mental health and wellness after your workout ends and your life resumes.  Taking the time to work with Performa’s team of experts can help you maximize your workout results and transform into your healthiest self.  Call at (787)705-2009 Performa to get started today.