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Three Reasons Personal Training Works

Three Reasons Personal Training Works

Whether you’re new to fitness or want to improve your overall health and wellness, working with a personal trainer can help you develop your path towards success. Research has proven that the physical and mental benefits of working with a personal trainer usurp going it alone. Performa offers certified, passionate personal trainers that provide the unique attention you deserve and need to reach your goals. If you’re wondering whether personal training is right for you, read Performa’s three reasons personal training can help you exceed your goals.

  1. It’s not just physical. One surprising find from a 2003 study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine found that in addition to improved physical health, the participants largely reported a positive change in their mental approach to fitness. The study included people from ages twenty to sixty-five years old, assigned each a personal trainer and studied their progress through a ten week program. Nearly everyone assigned a personal trainer reported feeling more motivated to continue a fitness program long-term. Working with a personal trainer may introduce you to exercises or techniques that work best for your body, allowing you to approach fitness the way you might another hobby that you enjoy.It may be that you love exercise when introduced to new exercises, proper form, or the right motivation.
  2. Personal trainers can define and clarify your fitness and health goals. What’s your fitness goal? The question is so broad that you might have difficulty explaining what your specific goal is from day to day. We all want to be fitter and healthier, both physically and mentally, but without a clearly defined, strategic goal achieving success remains abstract. Personal trainers are professionals at goal setting, completing an action plan to achieve that goal, and measuring progress along the way. Your goal is unique to you and your personal trainer can determine a plan that’s equally unique to your body-type and mindset.
  3. Accountability and consistency are the keys to a successful fitness and wellness journey. How accountable are you to yourself? Many of us struggle with keeping commitments that we make for ourselves, by ourselves. When you engage the services of a personal trainer, though, you add an accountability component to your fitness plan. Knowing that a trained professional has crafted a unique workout to meet your needs and goals suddenly makes a lonely endeavor feel like a team sport. You may be far less likely to cancel on someone other than yourself that has invested time and resources into making your experience work for you.If you struggle with staying accountable when you’re the only one watching, hiring a personal trainer may provide the mental shift you need to stay accountable and consistent to see real, lasting results.

What are you waiting for? Hiring a personal trainer may be the critical component to finding your path and staying committed to long-term lasting results. Call Performa today at (787)705-2009 to schedule an appointment for the one-on-one attention you need.