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How to Boost Your Serotonin Naturally

Serotonin is a chemical produced by your body that regulates mood, sleep patterns, and even happiness.  During times of crisis, anxiety, and depression, it’s essential that you provide your body with the right tools to produce more serotonin to improve your health and overall wellness.  Performa wants you to live your happiest, healthiest life and has put together expert recommendations for kicking up your daily dose of serotonin.

  1. Feed your gut better food. Although we tend to think of serotonin as a chemical that our brain uses to regulate mood and emotions, most serotonin is produced by the gut.  For that reason, the foods that we eat—particularly during times of stress and uncertainty—significantly impact our serotonin levels.  To add more serotonin via your gut, aim for more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats.  Diets like the Mediterranean diet or those generally enjoyed in countries like Japan have been shown to boost levels of serotonin naturally.  By contrast, processed foods, added sugar, and caffeine counteract the gut’s ability to produce serotonin and may leave you feeling sluggish, physically and mentally.  Fortunately, Performa has experts on hand to answer any questions you might have about eating food that promotes better physical and mental health!
  2. Get moving! Not only does exercise improve your immune system and increase your chances of staying healthy, exercise is also an excellent way to produce serotonin and the feel-good endorphins your brain needs to stay happy and healthy.  Experts have found that exercise may be at least as effective as prescription medications for alleviating anxiety and depression and ensuring that your body produces the serotonin you need to thrive, even during a pandemic. Maintaining your workout regimen at Performa, working with a personal trainer, and prioritizing your workout can help you stay fit, healthy, and happy despite the situation.
  3. Make time for self-care. Now more than ever, we must prioritize total body health and wellness.  Practicing self-care is not a luxury, but an essential component of total health and wellness.  Properly allowing your body to recover from demanding workouts, prioritizing a healthy sleep cycle, and clearing space in your agenda and mind for meditation allow your body to refresh, recover, and benefit from the serotonin boost provided by your diet and your workout.  Performa makes a priority of total health, with experts on hand to help create a personalized path unique to your physical and mental needs. Call now to get started on the path that can bring you the most joy, fitness, and health.

Creating happiness and health is an inside job, but you don’t have to navigate the complexities of total both health and wellness alone.  Performa has the expertise to design the lifestyle that allows you to thrive and live a longer, healthier, life.