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Find Your Path at Performa Today

Find Your Path at Performa Today

Do you have a health and wellness path?  Are you following that path or is it more of an abstract goal or an idea?  At Performa, finding your path is more than a mental wish-list of your perfect body, mind, or life.  Finding your Performa path means articulating a plan, defined by experts, that you can follow for total body health and wellness.

Ask yourself this question, what’s most important in health and wellness?  Is it fitness, nutrition, or recovery?  Is it a mental path or a physical path that you need to exceed your own expectations?  The answers can be complicated, made even more so by the never-ending stream of toxic and often inaccurate advice we receive on health and nutrition.  If the answers to the questions seem complicated, incomplete, or too time consuming to answer, you need Performa.

Performa is more than a gym.  At Performa, experts align to provide personal one-on-one services to ensure that your unique path is the right path to total health and wellness.  There is no one track for all of us, nor is there one diet, one workout, or one training plan that can heal our bodies and transform our minds.  If that were the case, wouldn’t we all be living our healthiest lives by simply following the formula in any drugstore magazine?  That’s why Performa has the Bod Pod.

The Bod Pod represents Performa’s client-centered service, where you provide the unique goal and Performa provides the unique plan.  Because each body is unique, Performa offers the Bod Pod that calculates your body’s density by analyzing its weight, volume, fat, mass, and lung volumes.  In only five minutes, you’ll have the same personal understanding of your body as elite athletes.  The NFL Combine, Mayo Clinic, and the top research universities in the world use the same system to identify the unique needs of their clientele.  When you understand your body as thoroughly as the Bod Pod, the answers to the important questions begin to fall into place.

When you work with Performa you work with real life professionals that are equipped to help you understand yourself before you begin a generic exercise program or nutrition plan that may not enhance your lifestyle. Do you need to lose weight or gain muscle?  What workout or nutrition plan will best advance your health and wellness goals?  You don’t know yet, but in just five minutes in the Bod Pod and a consultation with the professionals at Performa, you will.

Before you spend any more time on outdated, one-size-fits-all fitness plans, consult with Performa to customize the plan that fits only you, your lifestyle, and your goals.  Performa is the answer to the questions that you can’t answer alone. When you’re ready to discover your path to total health and wellness, call us to get started at (787)705-2009, or just drop by 209 Eleanor Roosevelt, San Juan.

Personalized services and a healthier lifestyle await.