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Are You Fit Enough for Performa?

Yes!  Performa uses high end equipment, professional personal trainers, and experts at every level to design the path that’s right for you.  Whether you’re an elite athlete or a complete beginner, Performa has the tools that will set you up for lifelong health and wellness. If you’re new to fitness, here’s everything you need to know to get started at Performa today.

  1. Your competition is you. Performa is not a typical gym.  At Performa, the only competition you’ll face is your past health and wellness.  Working with a personal trainer and a nutritionist is a unique opportunity to personalize your experience.  If you’re looking to start at the beginning, Performa is here to design hat experience in a way that you can improve upon your current lifestyle.
  2. Information overload. If you’re looking for how to begin a health and wellness journey, you may be experiencing information overload.  Not all of the information you’ll find on the internet or in the self-help section will work for you.  Not all information out here will be accurate.  Information overload can be paralyzing and leave you with more questions than answers.  Step away from the boilerplate health and fitness advice and ask your specific questions to the team that works for you and with you at Performa.  Your team can personalize your experience, understand your unique needs and desires, and eliminate the need to read hundreds of articles designed for the masses.
  3. Find the time. How over scheduled are you?  Most of us feel that there’s not nearly enough time to make the changes we know we need to make for a healthier, happier life.  How often do you cancel on yourself to prioritize work, others, or a Netflix binge?  Performa works with your schedule, teaching you how to best use your time to plan your diet, perform your workouts, and schedule your recovery treatments.  If you’re willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle, Performa can teach you how to incorporate a plan into your existing schedule.
  4. Set better goals. What are your health and wellness goals?  Do you want to be slimmer, faster, stronger, happier? How do you measure success?  Goal-setting is a unique art and if you’re new to fitness and wellness, it can be overwhelming to even decide what you want out of the experience.  Let the personal trainers at Performa help you work through the process of determining what you want, how to get there, and what constitutes progress.  Comparing ourselves to others on social media or in our day-to-day lives too often holds us back from making true, sustained, healthy changes that are suitable for our unique needs.  Get specific, get personal, and get your goals with the help of experts that understand your unique needs and wants, while filtering out the comparisons that hold us back.

What’s stopping you?  You’re already healthy enough, happy enough, and ready to make a major life change at Performa.  Call today!